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About planb

Who is planb and what do we do.


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Experience, Trust & Honesty

planb was founded by Dave Kitson in 2006 originally called aktconsultancy services, Dave a long time resident of Lancaster and well known, and respected, in the local area for IT services felt there was a need for cost effective IT to small businesses in Lancaster. planb is built on a simple business ethic of cost effective solutions, transparency, trust and value. We appreciate our customers and always try to go the extra mile to look after them. For this reason we have a select exclusive customer base we steadily maintain, some of which we have for years.

Our core services concentrate on backup and disaster recovery solutions, IT support and advice, our systems are tried and tested. There are others like planb but they will never be planb.

Read about our history.

3CX Certified HP Veeam Silver Pro-Partner Microsoft Silver Partner Dell Reseller Bit Defender Supplier

Our Core Services

Disaster Recovery, IT Support, Procurement and much more.

Our Services

Backup systems

We will supply a full backup system to your business where you can backup your servers & computers quickly and safely. This is fully managed so we will monitor the system to ensure you have a full backup plan find out more about our backup packages and support services.

IT Support

We can offer IT support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may have, whether its printers to servers we can support it all. Our engineers have many years experience and there's not much they haven't seen before. We can even manage your systems on a regular bases ensuring reliable operation from just £50 per hour.

Cloud file storage

We can securely store your files in our cloud storage offering you unlimited storage space for £9.99 per month. You can access this via a web interface or install our client on your machine to syncronise the files with a folder you designate. This will work on servers, laptops, Apple devices and Handheld Sndroid and Apple devices. A multiplatform file storage solution.

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24/7 Support

We can support your business whatever time of the day, further more the costs are the same! We don't charge crazy amounts for out of hours as most jobs need to be done whilst your staff are not working. For this reason we have a flat rate cost for support.

Systems Maintenance

We can maintain your existing systems for you, each month we will check your systems and provide you with a report advising you on degrading hardware or any improvements that can be made to make your IT work better for you. Prices for this service start from only £50 per month which is equal to one hours labour charges.

Web hosting

Due to local demand we have invested in our hosting services to a level where we can host complex .NET applications, PHP, MySQL and SQL databases. Hosting Wordpress websites is a common requirement for businesses. We are proud that we offer a business class hosting service with 24/7 support. Also any websites that we supply use CDN technology managed by ourselves and using a well known CDN Cloudflare. Email services are offered in the form of IMAP, POP and Exchange. Please contact us for more information.

Just a few of the local businesses we support.

Our Roots & what we do.

Where have we come from & what we do.

Our Roots

Computer repairs in Lancaster

How planb came about.

Back in late 2006 planb founder Dave Kitson started a small local consultancy service for small to medium sized businesses advising them on network improvements, development ideas and general IT strategy. This came to be known as aktconsultancy services and was successful in helping many local small companies to make sense of their IT, maximize its potential and put them in touch with other IT companies to provide services.

After its founder became heavily involved in management and direction of another local IT company aktconsultancy was laid dormant. aktconsultancy has continued to provide services to its loyal customers but no growth has been injected for the reasons above. So to today, the change in approach within aktconsultancy is reflected in the new name planb, planb focuses more on the backup and disaster recovery for small businesses as downtime is the killer causing lost revenue and lost confidence. We also offer monthly subscription based services from Email, Hosting, Office 365, Antivirus and everything else IT.

The key to our success is communication, trust and honesty.

Find out more about IT support in Lancaster and our history.

IT support in Lancaster, Computer repair

What we do

We currently look after some of the most well known businesses in Lancaster, whether its small or large businesses we can offer services from IT support, IT consultancy services, systems development and automation.

We have written systems that are in use in over a dozen well known businesses in Lancaster and Morecambe and consist of accounting, warehousing, customer management, logistics and visitor systems. Some of our systems have helped to track visitors in residential homes during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic.

Our services dont just end there, we have also worked alongside third party providers to provide telecoms support and rollout support for their applications. We are a total support provider and provide IT services and IT support in the local area of Lancashire.

We develop close working relationships with our customers and believe that working in a partnership results in better results, our customers can call on us anytime or the day or night and know that we are there to support them no matter the problem.


Don't just take our word for it

Our service

Think Pink Skips

We have been using planb IT since its inception and are very happy with the service that we have received. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and always on hand to help.

Every issue we have had has been handled as quickly as required, with a focus on as little disruption as possible to our operation.

Money 4 Mobiles

I have been a long term customer of planb and I have always found the service to be professional without costing the earth. Like many I can imagine I have used other local suppliers but have found them to be very costly in the past, I get the professional service I require at a cost I can stomach from planb. I have used planb for over 5 years and will continue to do so.”

KYB (Kick your butt)

After a recommendation from a friend I went to planb to have our website designed, whilst this was done I decided to have our branding redesigned as well by planb. We found the service to be very friendly and professional and they produced a website, and brand, that we are very proud of. I would not hesitate to recommend planb to any local business

Askam Civil Engineering

I have recently moved my IT services to planb from my previous provider. This was mainly as a cost cutting exercise but also to improve service and communication. I now have full confidence in the support I am receiving and also benefit from a friendly and almost 24/7 contact, I would recommend planb to anyone who needs to have a professional and friendly IT Support that is not restricted to 9-5hrs and offers a very efficient and economic Service.

GTS Whitelund Metals

I have used Dave from planb for a long time now, I have always found the service to be fair and honest. I know exactly what I'm getting from planb and trust the advice given. Our systems run great and and should I have problems I can contact planb whatever time of the day.

Printex Solutions

Massive thank to planb for helping us get up and running with our internet and office essentials these last few weeks fantastic service

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