The history of planb

Where it all started.


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Why form planb in the first place?

Its a good question, there's a lot of IT support companies in Lancaster from large companies like Bowker IT to smaller companies like Black Bear IT Solutions and everything inbetween. So in an already crowded marketplace why start yet another IT support service, or back up service , and why would people use it?

planb IT services started its life back in 2006 under the name aktconsultancy services, after founder Dave Kitson parted ways with his old hosting company based on whitecross in Lancaster. Many of the old customers reached out asking if he could still offer services also many local businesses also knew Dave from many of his old technical roles in the area. aktconsultancy services was founded to support old loyal customers moving forward.

The story continues

During that time Dave traversed a number of technical positions in some well known local businesses, EKM Systems, SHP Limited (aka ICT Reverse), System Host (aka Elite telecom) and more recently Black Bear IT Solutions Ltd. Most of these roles were high end technical positions which again Dave crossed paths with some of his old customers and forged new relationships with more local companies.

2017 planb launch

planb launched in 2017 after Dave left Black Bear IT Solutions Ltd, the choice wasn't an easy one but after many months deliberation and internal discussion Dave finally left and launched planb. Although not everything was plain sailing at first, some local IT solutions companies disagreed with Dave's plain, straight forward approach to services, but after initial resistance these claims faded away and planb continued to thrive.

Present day

planb has worked with many small to medium sized local businesses since its inception, we have also worked with local authorities and even schools with server maintenance, configuration and procurement. planb's model is built upon transparent services and costs, as a result with have built a strong trust relationship with our customers. Our ethos is simple....

Level the playing field offering high class services at fair prices.

What's the future of planb

planb continues to grow at a healthy pace, we have never aimed to be the largest or make the most money. We want to offer a professional, trustworthy service. All our growth has been organic and we have found customers have come looking for us, we want to maintain our holistic approach, we are situated in the countyside at Galgate and we want to stay there. It has great transport links and we serve our clients well from this location.

We have now built a purpose built office at this location on our own land, a work life balance is essential to a healthy state. We will continue to do what we do and grow at the correct pace. Our customers are our focus and providing a high level of service comes first.

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